Export and import of cargo is a complex and time consuming process, which is impossible to achieve without reliable partner. Our company Unicon ITC Ukraine LLC in Odessa is exactly that. Our specialists know all stages of process and due to a wide work experience they have optimized not only time but also financial costs of customers.


Customs registration is one of the high demanded fields of our operation. Customers who cooperate with Chinese suppliers will be the most interested in this offer. When a person works with all issues of delivery, he/she cannot dedicate enough time to the main points of business activity. Therefore, our specialists undertake all aspects of customs registration that includes the following stages:

  • Complete the declaration (document package in accordance with requirements of customs authorities of P.R.China);
  • Complete the bill of lading;
  • Consignment, purchase receipt, invoice;
  • Packing list.

Besides that, our specialists prepare and execute commercial contracts, payment order, Certificate of origin, licenses and special permits. The cargo is allowed to be shipped only subject to compliance of all requirements and requests of customs service. We complete all documents as thoroughly as possible in order to avoid any issues leading to court proceedings and financial losses of the customers.


If you plan to establish business relationship with Chinese companies, we offer to not only carry the cargo over the board but to gain understanding among great variety of market offers.

Whatever the transport type is chosen by the customer – sea, air, auto or railway – we can provide documental support in each case.

Certified lawyers and professional logisticians create ideal route and provide legally appropriate registration of any cargo: bulk, liquid, gaseous, valuable, equipment and other. Major advantage of cooperation with a broker company, in this case us, is that specialists can make amendments at any stage of the customs registration.

Calculating several moves ahead in each customs registration process of cargo in China, we can foresee different scenarios of events and force-majeure. But the most important is that we save time of our customers which he/she can spend for development of own business and achieve success.