Any cargo movement over the border requires preparation and execution of special permits and support documents. Customs clearance of the goods is a complex of operations that brokers apply for legalizing the batch of goods. Our company Unicon ITC Ukraine LLC that operates in Odessa professionally conducts customs clearance when the cargo crosses the border to Ukraine and vice versa.

Practice shows that customs clearance for independent customers is difficult and cost-consuming. Moreover, there is a number of details that can be resolved only by a professional brokers. The process consists of several stages:

  1. Customs declaration. Our legal team prepares all documents thoroughly and legally accurate therefore all document data is valid.
  2. Customs examination of the document package. We know that shortage of any smallest certificate or license can significantly prolong the process of customs clearance, therefore we provide the customs employees with a full document package.
  3. Arrangement of advance payment.
  4. Crossing the customs control line of the cargo.

Customs clearance is necessary in case of the goods import and export. In first case, customs requirements are stricter, import can be performed for free circulation and conditional release. List of documents required for each operation is determined by a Customs Code of Ukraine and Appendices thereto, which our legal team studies every day.


Only at first sight it looks like documentation is easy to understand for everybody. On the contrary, Customs Code is only the basic legislative instruments, there are also multiple other governing regulatory enactments, instructions and rules. Being unaware it is impossible to prepare full list of documents for customs clearance.

Why do we recommend cooperating with our company? Because it functions for many years and systematically performs customs clearance. Acquired experience allows us solving all issues of communication with customs fast and effectively. We guarantee successful import and export of any cargo, as well as its customs clearance within shortest period. We value time of our customers, which means profit and successfulness for them. Therefore, we always perform all provisions of cooperation agreement with each customer avoiding force-majeure events.