Major companies and individuals being engaged in trade and commercial business often need warehouse services. International business relationship and cargo shipment presume storage, consolidation and delivery of cargo. Our company Unicon ITC Ukraine LLC in Odessa offers to customers warehouse services in Ukraine for many years. It includes all operations of storage, process and delivery of cargo. High quality service and professional logistics of all operations made our company a leader on the market of similar business.

Why customers prefer to cooperate with us:

  • Responsibility for integrity and safety of cargo at each stage;
  • Possibility to store sized goods in a convenient position (rack structures, shelve, floor standing);
  • Strict control of temperature condition and pressure rate;
  • Storage in an open and closed space;
  • Compliance with all additional requirements according to individual criteria of the cargo;
  • 24-hour security.

We use only modern specialized equipment for loading and unloading operations which help to effectively load cargo of any complexity and singularity without losing features and technical parameters. Certified personnel conduct full, selective, partial or recording inventory reconciliation accurately and fast.


We are at the market for many years; therefore, we can consider all nuances in work. Each customer can count on maximal attention and responsibility of our team, which constantly keeps informed as to availability and condition of cargo at the warehouse as well as coordinates smallest changes within work process.

Being professionals in logistics, our specialists can provide customers with the most effective schemes of cargo storage and transportation. Warehouse outsourcing of our company includes commitment for the goods storage as well as it customs registration.

We cooperate with customers who do not want to waste their precious time for choosing storage premises, personal, transport, and to give away their profits as taxes for additional activity. We have everything to offer the best conditions of cargo storage with modern heating and conditioning systems, fire alarms and fighting systems, emergency power system with large sites of parking and maneuvering of cargo vehicles. In other words, we have created all conditions to provide each customer with long-term, reliable and effective cooperation.